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Weird Science

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3rd March 2004

9:42pm: oh sh--
9:31pm: Amazing
She's so...wonderful...

I'm not worthy. I'm not. But I'm so happy.
Current Mood: awed
8:16pm: Hmm...
Current Mood: puffy

2nd March 2004

11:08pm: ...
Current Mood: *wince*
12:41am: ...
Current Mood: ow

28th February 2004

10:56pm: ow
Current Mood: blinding pain

25th February 2004

9:30pm: ...
Current Mood: concerned
7:17pm: Good thing I got some extra z's last night
Lots to do tonight. I'm taking a quick break, so no time to elaborate, but I'm pretty excited about it. Working here has really opened up so many opportunities for me.
Current Mood: chipper

24th November 2003

4:02pm: Resolutions for the new year
No, I haven't been timeslipped--I know it's November. (Also, note the lack of gaping hole in the space/time continuum). Tonight is, however, the D'gray'fgle new year, a little-known demon holiday. This species is actually quite fascinating. My old friend G'dorn was one of them. We used to work here in the lab together, until the accident. In his memory, I've chosen to honor some of the D'gray'fgle customs.


1. I will not blow up the lab again.

2. Nor will I allow others on the team to blow it up.

3. I will invite Fred to the monthly evil LAN party. She's been working so hard lately, I really think she could do with some frag therapy in Quake.

4. I will never pester the folks in financial for extra spot funding.

5. I will get Mr. Wyndham-Pryce a "Welcome back" card. Maybe he'll stop glaring at me. (Look, sucking up keeps you alive in this place, sometimes literally.)

6. No more turtles. Just...no.

7. I will call mother.

That's about it. I'd go for a round ten, but that is an unholy number to the D'gray'fgle and if I used it, I would have to ritually disembowel myself.
Current Mood: contemplative

29th October 2003

10:26pm: Happy Halloween!
Er...I think. It is Halloween, right? So why did I spend the whole evening fixing the new gizmo?

Oh, right. So she could go to the party.

[Firewalled against another one of the bosses]

Kind of disappointed about that, actually. I was hoping to spend a little time with Fred. Not trying to get laid or even get pushy with her--that would be totally inappropriate. But I like her a lot, and it'd be nice to spend some time together when there aren't other labcoats all over the place. But even though I'm not really sure why I didn't just come in early tomorrow to make up the work, I'm kind of glad that Wesley wasn't around. Sometimes I get this weird vibe from him. I suppose it could be because of the whole spells vs. tech thing. I hope it's just that. I don't think he and Fred ever had a thing--that was Charles, right? And we've gotetn along all right so far. Not that he's glanced at me more than twice. It's fine.

[/end firewall]

In any case, I did fix our baby, so I'm going to saunter up and see if Fred's interested in the results. She's really--I mean, it's a fascinating project.
Current Mood: chipper

17th June 2003

7:43pm: **KABOOM!!!!**
Well, crap. The lab just blew up again.
Current Mood: debris-y

28th May 2003

5:53pm: It's a beautiful day!
I assume. I've been here in the lab for a day or so now (projects at a very important stage, I can't leave them for a minute) so I don't actually know if it's beautiful outside. But in here--well, it's a beautiful day indeed! Almost as lovely as a golden twenty-sided dice! (Kidding, again. Gold is no good for dice--way too soft.)

I have the best job in the world, with the best bosses in the world. Mr. Angel actually hasn't been down here much, but Ms. Burkle--Fred--is awesome. She totally gets exactly what I'm talking about when I mention unquantifiable sub-atomic trans-dimensional particles. And that's great, because sometimes even I don't completely understand them. I think she was a little nervous her first few days here, but she's taken to it like a warg to the slain corpse of a Rohan rider. How could she not? This lab...it's amazing. And she's amazing. There's so much to be accomplished here!

Sometimes when I'm around her I feel my professional objectivity slipping. But--it could never be like that. We're colleagues. Boss and subordinate. Maybe someday...friends.

Still, sometimes I look at her and wonder if...maybe...if I asked very nicely...

Would she ever be interested in joining our D&D compaign?

Ahem. Time to check the troglotrons. It's a great day to be alive!
Current Mood: enthused
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